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Hi! I'm Molly!


This is me holding my children's book, Love Without Words, at a book reading in NYC.


This is my family on our most recent trip.
We love to travel!

The Sweet Charlotte's Story

Our story began in 2003, when our son Donovan was born. My husband and I embraced every moment, every smile, and every step, and we decided another child would complete this perfect picture. In 2005, Donovan welcomed a little sister, Charlotte, and we continued to celebrate all of the wonderful milestones that come along with infants and toddlers. During this time, however, we realized that Donovan was not yet speaking and very often seemed withdrawn. At 23 months old, he was diagnosed with autism and our lives were forever changed.

Fortunate to know professionals in pediatrics and early childhood education, we were offered support, guidance, and direction. As our family worked through those early trials, I witnessed the challenges of other families around me. I began to search for some way to make a difference.

As the parent of an autistic child, I recognize the need to educate parents and families of affected children. By understanding what resources are available, parents can eliminate fear and become empowered to make the best choices for their children. Sweet Charlotte’s is my overture to generate support for the creation of such efforts.


What started out as a resource center for families, has evolved into a preschool, play center, and party venue.

This is my book!

When Charlotte was about three, she questioned why Donovan did not respond when she said, "I love you." Caught off guard, I used her bond with our family dog, Makeo, as an explanation. "Makeo plays with you. He gets excited when you come home. And he even lets you cuddle with him. Makeo shows you his love." Charlotte seemed to have a better understanding, and so did I.

Love without Words was written with the hope that many will be able to reflect on similar moments enjoyed in their lifetime. These moments demonstrate a true and pure love, regardless of any words being spoken.

"It's a feeling you share, it's not always heard, but you can LOVE and be LOVED, without a single word."
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