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3 Year Old Program


Monday Wednesday Friday

morning class  9:00-11:30

 afternoon class 12:00-2:30


Tuesday & Thursday

morning class 9:00-11:30 


  • literacy, math, fine motor, gross motor, art projects

  • Colors, shapes, numbers

  • name recognition

  • sensory play

  • letters and numbers

  • social skills such as sharing, turn taking and self-help skills.

Meet Ms. Shannon

 Ms. Shannon has been here since the very beginning. She has loved sharing the vision with her sister Molly (founder/owner), in a place where all kids can be included and loved for all of the differences that make them special. You may hear her scream with excitement as she celebrates a child’s milestone, big or small. She looks for a reason to breakout a dance move!

When she is not running around with the kids at school, you’ll find her running around with her boys, and little baby girl!!! They enjoy their time by cooking and eating family meals together. They love quiet evenings reading, watching movies, and cuddling. They also enjoy everything outdoors. Some of their favorite activities are hiking, creeking, beaching, and watching a beautiful scene in the sky.


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